The Award Winning Graphic Designer with an Interesting Job – a London escorts

It is impressive what we can do when we combine our imagination with the impressive power of modern computing. Modern graphic design software helps artists to create pretty much anything that they can think of, and with incredible results. Not everybody can just jump on a computer and start creating though. It takes talent, skill and a great deal of practice. One award winning graphic designer is a master at graphic design, and she also holds a job that many people would not expect.

Stunning Digital Masterpieces

Grace, 27, has created some simply stunning digital masterpieces that have received national acclaim. Despite this, she continues with her job as an  London escort with Grace says that not only does she love her job as an escort but it also pays well, and it allows her to spend time on her graphic design work. Some people might not think that escorting is an ideal job. Grace disagrees, however, and has no plans on changing her job anytime soon.

“I just love meeting new people so escorting is a great job for me”, said Grace. “I often get to go to interesting places with some great people”, she added. “Clients do often want some intimacy but I am lucky enough to be able to choose my clients carefully so that’s fine with me”, she said. “I have some great relationships with my clients, it’s almost as though it’s not a job at all at times”.

Free to Pursue Other Interests

Grace’s job as an escort allows her the freedom to pursue her hobby with enthusiasm. “It’s not everyday that I have escorting appointments, so I have time to pursue my graphic design”, she said. “I also make enough to be able to afford the software and hardware I need”. “I actually have a pretty good rig that a lot of people are envious of”. “It couples as an excellent gaming machine when I don’t feel like designing”.

“I suppose that there may come a point in the future where I might meet Mr. Right”, she said. “When that happens then escorting would probably not be an appropriate job anymore”. “The good thing though is that I will have my graphic design to fall back on which is another job that I love”. “I have had ideas about opening a graphic design agency, but that’s a few years away at least”, she finished.